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Parking and Transportation

See below for hotel information; some hotels are within walking distance or run a shuttle. You may park in the St. Augustine Church parking lot at NW 18th St and NW 1st Ave. Follow the driving directions to the chemistry buildings, but when on University Avenue, instead of turning in to campus on Buckman Drive, turn the other direction (north) on NW 17th St at that light. Take the first left on to NW 1st St. The parking lot is surrounded by a chain link fence and is on your right. Parking is charged hourly, cash-only, and the daily maximum cost is less than $10.

For bus transportation information, please visit the Gainesvile Regional Transit System

Hotels near the University of Florida

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn University Center is located at 1250 W University Ave, just across the street from campus and a quick, 0.3-mile walk from the chemistry complex where the Saturday events will take place. Bookings can be made by phone at 352-376-1661 or online at this link.

Paramount Plaza

The Paramount Plaza is located at 2900 SW 13th Street, slightly farther away from the area of campus where the conference will be held but with a free shuttle to campus (typically letting off at the Reitz Union, on campus, but in practice the driver will let you off much closer to the site if you ask to be let off on Buckman Drive: see the UF campus map for the locations of Reitz Union and Buckman Drive). Bookings can be made by phone at 877-992-9229 or online at this link.


The Hilton at University of Florida is an excellent recently-renovated hotel at 1714 SW 34th Street. It will be easiest to drive to campus from the hotel for conference events and park in the St. Augustine Church parking lot ($10/day maximum parking cost) if you choose this option: see above for parking details. Bookings can be made by phone at 352-371-3600 or online at this link.

For more information, please visit the City of Gainesville Visitors' Website.